Elton John - MPC Advertising

I don't usually share my professional work on Artstation, but this Ad has a special place in my heart, it's my first ad working at MPC and it just got nominated yesterday for VES awards this year for Best VFX and compositing in Advertisement...also it's a very touching Christmas ad ( If you didn't watch the whole ad already, please try to watch it!) :)
my role ( a tiny role in a huge team effort! ) was to model, sculpt, displacement sculpt, texture, a likeness of Elton John.
I had to make two variations, young and older Elton, Also I was responsible for making all the FACs facial shapes for animation.
(sorry for the low-res images, as I just took the images from the breakdown video MPC released)
Big thanks to Anthony Bloor and all the talented team at MPC for turning this adventure into such a successful piece of art.

VFX breakdown for John Lewis & Partners ‘The Boy and The Piano’.