Scarlett - Black Widow

Hey guys, we're glad to show you this fun personal project that me and my friend @Jeremy Celeste were working on in our free time for the last couple of months.
It's all a product of our teamwork, we both made everything together.
Jeremy's role was focused more on the Lookdev, Lighting, Texturing and Comp.
While my role was more focused on Modeling, Sculpting, Grooming and Texturing.

We've been using a lot of maps and resources from while working on this, like the new Multi-channel maps + Wrap, and the iris maps.
On the other hand, the model was all sculpted by hand from a sphere inside Zbrush, as you see in the GIF below.

We used Zbrush for sculpting, Maya for Modeling, Mari, Wrap3 and for texturing, Xgen for grooming, Arnold for rendering, and Nuke.
Hope you guys like it!...cheers! 🙂

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